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Jilliah’s GROUNDS is a VIVID 3D POP UP Book, page turner and fold out and up 6ft x 3ft MAP, induction into the Jilliahsmen Trinity school, giving owners the chance to enrol, through a visual illustration, following in the footsteps and motions of the original scholar Jack, from 1.0’s entry point to exit, learning and experiencing first hand, every pivitol element of the supreme school that runs the universe.

Literature in this edition is kept minimal with emphasis almost exclusive to visual and interactive story telling through secret pullups, slides, pockets and suprises, however accompanying board game style narrative junctures will be optioned by older generations, which teach, entertain and test scholars through multiple choice question answer type phases which if failed resets their trajectory and could even result in expulsion upon multiple failures, and if passed elevates them to the next phase to ultimately graduate as an official Jilliahsmen to win the Jilliahsmen necklace and tug the secret lever that unfolds Atlantis on the entire Kingdom and shuts the book closed.

There can only ever be one winner each time the Book is openened. The one who possess true love most will pass every test and graduate. But don’t be fooled. The Jilliahsmen Trinity GROUNDS will truly test children and adults alike.

RRP: $999.99

Release Date: Co-insided with 3.2 Book release.

Pre-Order: NOW (hit GROUNDS link in subscriber package)

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